This is why I created this program. Because YOU, yes YOU, can absolutely live an intentional life - filled with positive habits and a path for you to grow into your highest potential. You can step out of this season and become exactly the woman you always wanted to be. And not because she faked it till she made it, but because YOU believe in her. Because you know who she is and you know what she is capable of. You know her. You know her mind, body and soul so deeply that you live and breathe her everyday. You are so damn authentically her. Because she is YOU! 

Live With Intention

Over the last 10 years of coaching, I have become obsessed with the mindset behind creating positive habits. Allow me to let you in on a little secret - Being intentional with your life is hard at first, but can truly impact your life in ways you need right now. I hear people say they want to start a morning routine all the time, but have a hard time sticking to it. If that is you, then this is for you. It is about to be a beginning to a new year, and a lot of us will want to be intentional about our health, but yet we fall back to old habits quickly. Don't allow that to be you this year and take the steps it takes to mentally overcome the self-doubt that will creep up a couple weeks from now.  Building INTENTIONAL HABITS & CONFIDENCE IS LIKE A MUSCLE. And what you need to know is how to train it, you need to know how to access it and actually do the work that is required of you to harness it. Just like a muscle, the more you train it, the more it grows and the easier it gets for you to do the work. You need to build your intentional habits as the foundation for who you truly are. 

You are able to lean back and trust your own capabilities and potential, no matter what you are facing. You are able to build a close, intimate, loving relationship with yourself and then are able to share this love with others. You are able to create a life of your dreams, a life you are proud of, a life that you are excited to wake up to every single morning! I mean, how invaluable is that? 

Stop living life on auto-pilot and start being intentional with your every day habits

Program focus: 

 Create Intentional habits within your life that allow for you to gain confidence & grow into the person you aspire to be.

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Online Course

Now, let's imagine...

It's all about you!

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

This program will allow you to unleash your true and authentic self, to shed the layers of insecurity and external expectations and to harness the full power of your uniqueness and potential. 

Allow yourself to step into your most intentional and confident self!

meet the modules

week #1: Know your 3 W's & what is holding you back.

week #2: Slow Down & Focus on what you really want.

week #3: CReate boundaries & set intentions that last

week #4: Become Rooted in love & Grace.

We will dive into the roots of 

What are the habits you want to change? 
Why are these important to you? 
When can we instill these intentions into your life? 

Going DEEP into why you do what you do and understanding your day to day patterns fully. Finding the thing that is holding you back and do the work it takes to break away from anything that is not serving you. 

Focusing on slowing down and creating work/life balance like never before. Authentically aligning ourselves with our values. We free ourselves and build intentional habits  through identity work and discover what it means to be an empowering woman.
Dealing with our inner critic and taking a look at how language and the way we talk to ourselves.

After deep work, we will dive into what sets our soul on fire and how we can implement certain habits to create the happiest version of ourselves. 

Now that you have built a foundation and understand who you are, we will then walk through creating boundaries based off of your values. 

Designing a realistic roadmap for you to succeed all year long and not just the beginning of 2023. 

This piece will allow for us all to nourish what matters to us and feel like we are taking back control of our life. We will dive into how to show up consistently and create accountability through our community. 

Creating the mindset that we are making decisions based off of love & grace, & not shame and guilt. We learn to love ourselves, even in times that we fail. Instead of giving up, we have created the mindset to push forward and know that intentional living is a constant journey - not a one and done way of life. 

Getting into the spiritual - it is all about manifestation, law of attraction and law of action. By becoming magnets for the life we want to create and through the power of visualization, we are able make our dreams a reality. 

What you get:

- 4 Video Modules
- TIPS FOR morning routines + Manifesting

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