This is why I created this program. Because YOU, yes YOU, can absolutely be a badass photographer! You can step out of this stifling container and become exactly the woman + creative you always wanted to be. And not because she faked it till she made it, but because YOU believe in her. Because you know who she is and you know what she is capable of. You know her. You know her mind, body and soul so deeply that you live and breathe her everyday. You are so damn authentically her. She was made to be creative. She was made to be YOU right here signing up for this! 

Online Course 

Over the last 3 years of having a photography business, I have come to realize that a lot of people know how to be creative, but lack the business side of things. I wholeheartedly believe that I was given the opportunity to get my Masters in Business (MBA) to share all the business tools & knowledge I have with others trying to create their own thing. My goal is to not only teach you the ins and outs of your camera and editing, but also understand how to market, sell, and crush it at your backend logistics. I am on a mission to make you succeed as fast as possible and give you all the tips and tricks to begin your journey in this amazing industry.  

You are passionately following what is on your heart. Taking every bit of creative vibes you have within yourself and turning them into a full blown business. You no longer give a fuck what other people think about you diving head first into something you love. You embrace failure and quickly realize that it is the best way to learn to grow into all that you are meant to be. A month from now, you are one step closer to your dream side hustle or full-time job. You deserve this &...

Learn everything you need to know to 

start your photo business and THRIVE

Program focus: 

Learn the ins & outs of photography to create a kickass business or side hustle.

- Self Paced Course 
- 8 hours of video content 
- 5 digital Workbooks 

#1: Camera Gear / Settings / Branding 
#2. Posing / Editing / Deliverables 
#3. Price yourself / Market Strategy 
#4. Create a successful Marketing Plan 
#5. Bonus Module

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This program gives you the tools that you need start or level up in your photography business in just weeks. It is self-paced, so you can fit it in perfectly with your schedule. 

Invest in you!

Photography 101: The Basics

Now, let's imagine...

Let's talk about crushing it at photography...

It's all about you!

3 month journey for your business

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

Allow your passion to become your dream job!

meet the modules

week #1: CAMERA GEAR,
 SETTINGS, BRanding 

week #2: Posing. Editing. & Deliverables

week #3: How to Price Yourself + 
MArket Effectively

week #4: Building A story Brand + THRIVE

We will dive into budget friendly camera gear that you can purchase that will allow for you to succeed. We will also walk through what camera gear has worked for Kassidy Marie Co and her knowledge on all camera gear. As a group, we will discuss camera settings for all types of lighting and how you can thrive in any situation. 

Branding is a key component to your new business, so we will discover what makes you uniquely you and how you can capitalize on it. As well as logo design, branding colors, and business tactics. 

Focusing on authentic and real posing, we will walk through what to do in different types of sessions, as well as weddings. Along with diving into editing and how to find your style. 

After deep work, we will discuss how to deliver a quality experience and photos to your clients.  

Now that you have built a foundation and understand the base of photography, we will dive into how to price yourself based on your area and expertise. Focusing on how to create a pricing guide and communicate with clients in order to level up your sales. 

As social media is the #1 way to market, we will walk through how to go about crushing it at social media marketing and how to be strategic when it comes to booking your ideal client. 

Creating a story brand is something that sets you a part and lands you the clients you dream of having. We will deeply discuss what creating a story brand looks like specifically for you and how to continue this journey on your own. 

The final week will be left for Q&A and we will dive into any topic you want to cover more of as a group. 

What you get:

- 5 Video Modules
- 5 Digital Workbooks for each module 
- resources that support you on your journey 
- Guided Meditation practices for your business success

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with all of the information for your next steps and you will get access to your own group coaching portal. 

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