This is why I created this program. Because YOU, yes YOU, can absolutely crush it at social media and show up in a way that is fully who YOU ARE! You can step out of this self sabotaging mode and become exactly the woman + creative you always wanted to be. And not because she faked it till she made it, but because YOU believe in her. Because you know who she is and you know what she is capable of. You know her. You know her mind, body and soul so deeply that you live and breathe her everyday. You are so damn authentically her. She was made to share her heart & create a positive impact. She was made to be YOU right here signing up for this! 


Over the last 4 years of having multiple businesses, social media has allowed for my business to grow in ways I never imagined possible. Rooted in showing up authentically and building a brand that tells a story, I have realized the mental battle it takes to overcome what is holding you back. I have been in your shoes - overthinking what to post, how to market, and be true to me. It is what stops 80% of entrepreneurs. Social media isn't the monster, your brain is (only because you have allowed it to be). Let's change the narrative. I am committed to shifting the way you think of social media and provide you with the tools to allow for it to be one of the best parts of your business. 

A life filled with work/life balance. One that you are proud of and feel like you are truly showing up as YOU. Overthinking is no longer a part of your identity and you grab your phone to create a positive impact, instead of scroll for hours. You no longer compare yourself to others because you have done the inner work it takes to drop any envy & jealousy you have. Instead of consuming, you create - but not to grow a following, more importantly to grow your business. Marketing becomes easy to you and it flows naturally. You are getting booked left and right because people are truly connecting with you and your brand. You are no longer holding your own self back. Holy shit, what a place to be!! 

Stop overthinking when it comes to Instagram 

& level up  your MINDSET to SHOW UP

Program focus: 

Mentally overcome self-limiting beliefs & doubts you have around social media. Gain the confidence to show up as authentically you and grow your business.

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This program gives you the tools that you need to stop self sabotaging yourself when it comes to social media. We will be diving into deep mental work that allows for you to overcome fear, self-limiting beliefs, and do less of the comparison game. In just weeks, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to create an authentic presence online that allows for your business to grow. This isn't about getting followers, views, and likes. This is about showing up within your business and serving the clients who are made for you.   

Investing in YOU:

Make Social Media your B*Tch

Now, let's imagine...

Let's talk about building your brand on social media & not letting your head get in the way...

It's all about you!

3 month journey for your business

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

3 month journey for your business

What you'll get...

Master your mind and create a brand you are proud of 

meet the modules

week #1: Reflect. Shift. & Plan

Week #2: Gain Clarity and be consistent

week #3: Overcome your limiting beliefs 

week #4: Know what you stand for & commit to building your story brand

We will first reflect on where you are mentally and why you hold yourself back. Finding the root cause of your actions in the past when it comes to showing up on social media. After deep mental work, we will shift your mindset and liming beliefs (this will be a weekly process during this course).

Once we have done the inner work, we will step into the planning phase that allows for you to set realistic goals. Creating a vision that allows for you to step into the new version of you who shows up REAL AF.

Focusing on gaining clarity around who you are within your business and what you stand for - we will dive into how you can effectively have a presence that feels true to you and not forced. 

We will then walk through your consistency habits and break the patterns that have not allowed you to be successful in the past. Giving you the tools to make a change, you will walk away from this session ready to show up like never before.

Creating a story brand is something that sets you a part and lands you the clients you dream of having. We will deeply discuss what creating a story brand looks like specifically for you and how to continue this journey on your own. Along with laying out marketing strategies that align with your vision and convert to more clients and sales.

The final week will be left for Q&A and we will dive into any topic you want to cover more of as a group. 

Now that you have built a foundation and understand the base who you are in your brand, we will then work on overcoming the doubts and fears you have when it comes to you and your business.  

This is the week that things will feel hard and we will work on embracing the suck and turning into a servant hearted business owner. Understanding your values and setting boundaries around social media will allow for you to step into a new phase that will allow for your to succeed, instead of feel overwhelmed. 

What you get:

- 4 Video Modules
- 4 digital workbooks (One for each module)
- resources that support you on your journey 
- Tips for apps / Planning your content & marketing strategy
- Guided Meditation practices for your business success

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with all of the information for your next steps and you will get access to your own group coaching portal. 

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